Beirut Explosion

As a result of the 4th of August blast which killed more than 160 persons, wounded at least 6000 persons, and destroyed a significant part of the capital, key infrastructures in port and in the close periphery of a 2 KMs radius were affected; more than 80,000 families have suffered significant losses and damage to their homes.

UPDATED ON: 23 August, 2020






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What we are doing

Since the 4th of August and until the 16th of August, the LRC has provided the above-mentioned services for free to 28,000 individuals affected by the blast, in addition to providing the usual ambulance, blood and primary health services across all areas of Lebanon.

LRC has always provided independent, neutral and impartial humanitarian aid throughout its 75-year history. This means that throughout the response to this crisis, as always, LRC will always seek to provide help to the most vulnerable according to the needs and disregarding any other factor such as, but not limited to, race, gender, religion or political beliefs.

Our immediate response included:

Treatment and transport of more than 2,000 wounded
Distribution of more than 1,214 blood units to hospitals
Distribution of ready meals, food parcels and hygiene kits
Evacuation of damaged hospitals
Setting up of shelters
Primary healthcare through mobile medical units
Psychological support and mental health
Door-to-door basic needs assessment