Save Lives, Donate


The Initiative: My name is Jad Khalil, university student and content creator from Faraya Lebanon. Turning 22 this month, I wanted to spend my birthday doing something meaningful for my community. Therefore, I decided to organize a fundraiser for the people that put their heart and soul into their mission without expecting anything in return, the Lebanese Red Cross Volunteers.
On Sunday October 24, 2021, I will be walking from my hometown Faraya to my beloved capital city Beirut and raise funds for the Lebanese Red Cross Volunteers in the Jounieh and Kfardebian centers.
This page is for anyone who would like to donate online for the cause; your contribution means a lot to me, and thank you for being part of this project.
Check out my Instagram @jadventure__ , will keep you updated on everything related to the fundraiser.

Amount of donations raised for this initiative: ... USD