Our Partners and Donors

Thank you to all those who have supported the Lebanese Red Cross during this crisis and beyond! We would not be able to continue our humanitarian mission without you! For transparency, we are listing all the corporate and individual donors who contributed to the Lebanese Red Cross and have agreed to have their names published.

Only donations that have been fulfilled are entered on this page. Should your name not be listed or should there be an error, please contact us on fundraising@redcross.org.lb

The following partners are supporting the LRC with 100,000 USD or more, or 250,000,000 LBP or more.

The following partners are supporting the Lebanese Red Cross with various initiatives and are formally authorized to use the LRC name or Logo as long as they are listed on this website.

Le Mall

We are only listing here the individuals who contribute to the Lebanese Red Cross and who specifically accept to have their names listed. Should you want your contribution to be listed here, please reach out to us on fundraising@redcross.org.lb